About Us

Stacker Holdings is a private equity firm that helps business owners and management teams who care deeply about their companies retire or obtain liquidity.  We are a non-traditional private equity firm.  We roll up our sleeves and work alongside management teams in the businesses in which we invest. 

Our Approach

We focus on a small group of companies and investment opportunities so that we can give more attention to each business. We have no set timelines or requirements for liquidity so we sell when the time is right for all stakeholders.    

We typically serve as active board members.  We take on various special projects at the companies to assist management teams.  These initiatives are typically focused on growing the business, growing the team, or refining processes and improving operations.  Specific examples range from developing an M&A strategy and approaching acquisition targets, to hiring key employees, to gathering and assembling data about the businesses that help management teams make better decisions. 

Our Principles

Investment Criteria


$2 million or greater in operating cash flow / EBITDA / seller discretionary cash flow.

Growth Potential:

Credible case to double earnings over a 5-year period  through organic initiatives or acquisitions.

Ownership & Management:

Prefer companies with strong existing management teams that are looking to stay post close and maintain a meaningful ownership stake.

Will also explore opportunities which involve owner retirement or transition of management. 


Industry agnostic, but will not invest in oil & gas, retail businesses, real estate, or other businesses exposed to major commodity risk.

Preferred Characteristics:

Defensible market position with an attractive margin profile.

Geographic Location:

Headquartered in the United States with a preference for the Midwest.

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Please let us know if you’re like to schedule a time to discuss your objectives, your business, and your story.  If your business doesn’t meet the criteria above or if you don’t think you’re quite ready to explore a sale, it may still make sense for us to connect. 

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